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Предложения университетов Германии

Goethe Goes Global Scholarship

Do you hold an excellent bachelor’s degree from a university outside of Germany? 

Do you have a particular interest in research? 

If so, you are eligible for Goethe University’s Goethe Goes Global Scholarship, which is now open for 75 of our master’s programmes. 

Goethe University aims to provide its scholars with:

  • A monthly award of 1,000 € for up to two years
  • Support and orientation by an experienced master’s student buddy
  • Access to seminars focusing on professional skills from our Graduate Academy GRADE
  • Access to an innovative research environment and networks that connect you with fellow scholars and other advanced researchers
  • Career support through Goethe University’s Research Support Office


Some master’s programmes are interconnected with research units, to one of which you may apply. If you are accepted, you may receive benefits such as an internship in the chosen research unit. Learn more about this option and the application process on our website: www.uni-frankfurt.de/masterstip. We look forward to your application! 

The Goethe Goes Global Scholarship is generously funded by the Johanna-Quandt-Foundation.

DAAD Summer School in Kazan: Sport Economics & Management

Летняя школа DAAD "Sport Economics & Management" состоится с 12 по 25 августа 2019 года в Казани (Россия) 

Университет им. Фридриха Шиллера (Германия, Йена) и Поволжская государственная академия физической культуры, спорта и туризма (Россия, Казань) приглашают cтудентов и аспирантов российских вузов, а также высших учебных заведений постсоветского пространства принять участие в Летней школе "Sport Economics & Management", которая состоится с 12 по 25 августа 2019 года в Казани (Россия).  

Оснoвная цель Летней школы - предоставление теоретических знаний и практических навыков в области экономики, менеджмента и маркетинга в сфере спорта с учетом современных исследований. В работе курса примут участие ведущие специалисты в области менеджмента и экономики спорта - сотрудники университетов Германии и России. В программе курса - лекции и семинары, изучение кейсов по спортивному менеджменту и маркетингу, тематические экскурсии на спортивные объекты, встречи с представителями спортивных федераций и клубов, а также культурная программа. Проект финансируется ДААД из средств Министерства науки и исследований ФРГ.

Обучение на курсе Летней школы бесплатное. Заявку (мотивационное письмо, резюме и cправка с места обучения) необходимо направить на почту school@sportacadem.ru до 14.07.2019. 

Подробная информация:  http://www.sportseconomics.uni-jena.de/

Летняя школa в социальных сетях: 

Bayreuth International Summer School 

The Bayreuth International Summer School takes place for a duration of two weeks from 30 June until 13 July 2019 and provides an intercultural and dynamic setting reflecting the    University of Bayreuth's focus areas in research.

It consists of several individual courses, each with an interdisciplinary approach. The participants have the opportunity to engage in a rich programme that includes theoretical seminars and discussions as well as practical elements such as lab courses and workshops. The Summer School is jointly hosted by the International Office as well as the Campus Academy, the university’s institute of lifelong learning and corporate education.

Bayreuth is a historically significant, culturally diverse town with well-established networks, offering the perfect setting to meet interesting people from around the world. Scholars and students enrich the classrooms and labs with their own perspectives on the material.

The International Summer School 2019 will give you a better understanding of various aspects of current research areas. From Economics & Management to Polymer Science or African Studies, the Summer School allows you to broaden your academic, professional and personal skills in eight different courses.

More information:


Баварский университет – университет прикладных наук Вюрцбург-Швайнфурт (FHWS i-Campus) приглашает на учебу по следующим бесплатным англоязычным программам:

Бизнес и инженерия | Логистика | Мехатроника | Международный менеджмент

Подача документов происходит полностью онлайн и без участия Uni Assist в период с 1.04 по 15.07.2019. Начало учебы: 01.10.19. Требования к поступающим описаны на русскоязычном сайте FHWS.

Преимущества обучения в FHWS i-Campus:
• Бесплатная учеба (оплачивается федеральной землей Бавария)
• Обучение полностью на английском языке
• Курсы немецкого языка при университете
• Русскоязычная поддержка при поступлении
• Адаптационная программа перед началом учебы
• Степень бакалавра за 3,5 года
• Тесное сотрудничество с фирмами во время учёбы
• Дипломы, признанные во всем мире
• Отличные шансы на трудоустройство в Германии и за границей

На Ваши вопросы ответит менеджер по Восточной Европе - Наталия Куделя:
E-Mail: nataliya.kudelya@fhws.de; Тел. +49 931 3511 8557, Viber: +49174 2710 465;
Группа ВК: fhwsicampus; Facebook-группа: Студенты FHWS; Instagram: fhws_international


Master your career with German industrial Engineering:

Study Operational Excellence (MBA and Eng.) at Hof University

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: fully taught in English

Target groups: graduates with first degrees (Bachelor) in Engineering

Start: October or March

Application deadlines: May 31 (winter intake) / November 30 (for summer intake)

You already earned a Bachelor of Engineering and gathered some professional experience? You are interested in modern business and production processes and the secrets of “Made in Germany”? Then our MBA Operational Excellence is just right for you. Kick-start your career with our perfect interdisciplinary toolbox of engineering and business know-how for an aspiring industrial engineer.

Our business-oriented modules provide you with the strategic and financial framework of companies. Find out about the critical factors for success in leadership and change processes and how to master them with expert communication and negotiation skills.

On the engineering side, the focus is on operational excellence, particularly the following methods:

  • Lean management
  • Six Sigma
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Agile Management
  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0

A unique feature of our MBA is that students spend the second year (third and fourth semester) doing a practical internship in industry (e.g. in a production facility or an SCM department). Thus, you can immediately apply your knowledge, gain profound professional experience and earn money at the same time!

Our university offers an attractive and open-minded study environment, especially for international students. As a practice-oriented University of Applied Sciences, the employability of our graduates is the main focus of our teaching. All our professors have at least five years of professional experience in management positions.

Your career perspectives:

  • production management
  • factory planning
  • supply chain management


To find out more, we cordially invite you to join our webinar on April 16, 15:00 – 16:00 CET:


Program website:



Hof University of Applied Sciences




MBA and International Master’s Programmes

Study management in English. Improve your leadership skills. Gain digital know-how. Become part of an international student body. Experience our renowned worldwide partner universities. Benefit from many corporate activities, valuable career consultation and coaching. Discover Berlin - Germany’s startup hub,
low cost of living, culturally rich and colourful.


Berlin MBA

-        Specialize in: International Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Digital Business Leadership, International Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions, Consulting and Supply Chain Management, Doing Business in Asia, Doing Business in the USA, Doing Business in the UK etc.

-        Exchange with e.g. USA (San Diego State University, Wichita State University), Asia (Hong Kong Baptist University), Europe (WSB University Poznań/Poland, University of Hertfordshire/UK)

-        Full-time (15 months), part-time available (24 months, if comply with visa regulations)

M.Sc. International Business Management

-        Specialize in: International Management or Digital Business Management and Leadership

-        Partner universities e.g. Kingston University London, Symbiosis International University Pune/India

-        Full-time (15 months)

M.A. Chinese-European Economics and Business Studies

-        Study in Germany and China at our partner institution Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu

-        Double degree with SWUFE available

-        German/Chinese language programmes

-        Full-time (24 months)

Get in touch and give your career a new drive:



Study in English in our International Master’s Programs 

M. Sc. in Ecotoxicology

Learn how to analyze and solve complex problems related to the chemical pollution of ecosystems

M. Sc. in Environmental Sciences

Study interactions of natural and human systems from genes to la

ndscapes to tackle the environmental crisis

M. Sc. in Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems

Develop, analyze, simulate and optimize models for complex systems from science, technology and society

M. Sc. in Web Science

Build upon your IT skills and study how to understand, analyze and

 shape the Web and its development

M.Sc. in Chemistry and Physics of Functional Materials 

Study the relations between composition and structure of the materials a

nd their chemical and physical characteristics

Why study at the University of Koblenz-Landau?

- English-taught degree programs with a future and good job opportunit

- No tuition feesies

- Excellence in research and teaching through international, collaborative

 research projects

- Strong focus on interdisciplinarity and an application-oriented approach

- Very good student-teacher ratio and individual support

- Welcome Days and buddy program

- Vivid student community with students from more t

han 80 countries 

Experience studying in a beautiful and historic region with a mild climate and diverse landscape!

Contact us now for more information about applying for October 2019!

Welcome Center of the University of Koblenz-Landau

Email: welcome@uni-koblenz-landau.de


Online application now open for the Master’s program in European and International Law at the Europa-Institut in Saarbrücken, Germany

Students from 30 nations. Excellence in European and International Law. Internationally renowned lecturers. Soft skills, moot courts, excursions to Brussels, Berlin, Luxembourg and Strasbourg and an international network of alumni. Meet the world at the Europa-Institut!

Apply now!

Key Facts about the Master’s program

  • One-year program focusing on European and International Law
  • Five modules are offered: Module 1: European Integration and Modules 2-5 with their study units European Economic Law, Foreign Trade and Investment, International Dispute Resolution and European and International Protection of Human Rights
  • Program can be done in English and/or German
  • Practice-oriented teaching combined with excellence in academic training
  • Highly qualified specialists from the academic and business world
  • 75 students from more than 30 countries
  • Excursions to European and international institutions
  • Intensive support by the Europa-Institut team
  • Access to an international network via our Alumni Association EVER e.V.
  • Excellent preparation for the European and international job market
  • Study fees: 5,600 Euro (2,800 Euro per semester)

Online application via www.europainstitut.de/onlineapplication

Deadline for applications is 15 July 2019.


More information on admission criteria on www.europainstitut.de/application


Bachelor Program “Sustainable Business and Technology”

This interdisciplinary Bachelor program Germany’s most sustainability-oriented university incorporates all aspects necessary to meet the demand of young students seeking a global perspective at the edge between business and technology.

In six semesters, students will study business and engineering through innovative learning concepts. Our focus on sustainability, green technologies, and a globally interrelated perspective provides future graduates with excellent key qualifications and enables them to master the challenges of our time.

Real-life business projects as well as training in organization, methods and communication skills complete our students’ academic and personal profile. As a special benefit, German language and intercultural communication modules will pave the way for a possible professional life in Germany or German enterprises abroad.

Get your own insights




AbstandYour excellent conditions

  • No tuition fees in the high-quality German university system
  • Orientation week & buddy system
  • Small classes and direct contact to faculty and applied research
  • Study in the heart of Europe - in the dynamic triangle between Germany, France and the Low Countries

Key facts

Final degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Course length: 6 semesters/ Language of instruction: English

Beginning of the course: Each October

Costs per semester

General Admissions Fee: 200 Euro






 Foto UCB

TH Köln – Cologne Prep Class

Sie möchten in Deutschland studieren? Aber Sie müssen zunächst ein Studienkolleg besuchen oder fühlen sich unsicher, ob Ihre Schulkenntnisse für ein Studium in Deutschland ausreichen? Dann hat die TH Köln genau das richtige Angebot für Sie: Cologne Prep Class ist ein zehnmonatiger Vorbereitungskurs, der sich an Studieninteressierte der Bachelor-Studienbereiche Ingenieur-, Wirtschafts- oder Sozialwissenschaften richtet, die sich auf die Feststellungsprüfung vorbereiten oder einfach ihre Schulkenntnisse vertiefen möchten.  In der Cologne Prep Class erhalten Sie solides Fachwissen in Mathematik, Deutsch, Englisch und entweder Physik und Chemie oder Wirtschaft, je nachdem welchen Studienschwerpunkt Sie anstreben. Voraussetzung sind Deutschkenntnisse auf dem Niveau B1. Neben qualitativ hochwertigem Unterricht bieten wir Unterstützung bei der Wohnungssuche und anderen bürokratischen Hürden an. Firmenbesuche, interkulturelle Workshops und Studieninformationsveranstaltungen runden das CPC Programm ab. Wir werden Sie Schritt für Schritt auf Ihrem Weg ins deutsche Hochschulsystem begleiten. Als Absolvent der CPC können Sie über eine bevorzugte Studienplatzvergabe direkt an der TH Köln studieren. Darüber hinaus ist die CPC-Feststellungsprüfung an allen Fachhochschulen und Universitäten in ganz Deutschland anerkannt.

Besuchen Sie unsere Webseite unter www.th-koeln.de/cpc.

Wir freuen uns, Sie in Köln begrüßen zu dürfen.

Thilo Schmülgen ©

MBA Internationale Betriebswirtschaftslehre -International Business Management Master of Business Administration (MBA/Certificate) 

Do you want to keep your knowledge up-to-date? Increase your practical and theoretical skills and boost them to excellence? If you want to do that with the least possible disruptions to your current career, then the Ludwigshafen University of Business und Society is the right place for you. The program has been designed and optimized for working students and it allows you to continue your career (our students usually work full-time) during the entire course. We offer you a highly qualified and accredited MBA distance learning program in International Business Management, which can provide you with Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in just four semesters. 

We follow the approach of blended learning, a varied mix of self-study, virtual learning components and attendance phases. The graduates of the MBA distance learning course in International Business Management will have many long-range professional and career opportunities in the business areas of industry, commerce and services.        During the first three semesters there are two weeks presence at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society or you can attend via Webinar from your own place!     This program of study teaches solid, real-world content and skills in the following areas: Marketing, Management, Scientific Work, Human Resources, Social Skills, Logistics, International competencies and required elective modules (law, sociology, managerial finance and macroeconomics). In the final semester, students research and write their Master`s thesis.                                                                                                           

Admission requirements                                                                                                        

• A completed academic degree in economics with an average grade of 2.5 or better. If the average grade is lower than 2.5 – a motivational interview will be held                                    

• At least one year of professional experience after the first graduation                                    

• A certified verification of proficiency in English language at the level B2 according to the common European framework of reference for languages                                                         Costs                                                                                                                                          

• € 2.250 per semester plus the student social fee each semester of approximately 130€ 

Learn more about                                                                                                       


Application online                                                                                            


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:                                    

Eva Nefen                                                                                                                        
Program manager                                                                                                          
Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society                                                                      
Tel.: + 49 621 5203159  eva.nefen@hwg-lu.de

Group picture in Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society ©

LUH people Copyright

Leibniz University of Hannover, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Study Physics, Mathematics, Meteorology or Nanotechnology in Hannover!

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Hannover offers high-level bachelor‘s and master’s programmes in Physics, Mathematics, Meteorology and Nanotechnology!

The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Hannover is one of the top performers in this field in Germany. Our international master’s programmes in Physics, Mathematics and Meteorology (taught in English or German), and the master’s programme in Nanotechnology (taught in German) are world class and innovative, leading to great career prospects.

- at the Faculty of Excellence in science and research:


-with low living costs:


-in the green and peaceful city of Hannover:


-with more than 100 sports activities on offer to students:


-with the support of our studyguides, who guide you personally throughout your studies! https://www.maphy.uni-hannover.de/en/studies/contact-persons/studyguides/                                 

Come and join our bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Physics, Mathematics, Meteorology and Nanotechnology!                                                                                                                                  

Find out more about: application, matriculation and conditions                                        

https://www.uni-hannover.de/en/studium/vor-dem-studium/bewerbung-und-zulassung/  https://www.uni-hannover.de/en/studium/vor-dem-studium/bewerbung-und-zulassung/nach-der-bewerbung/                                                                                                                       


Contact to study coordination: sgk@maphy.uni-hannover.de 

Truly international – Study at ESB Business School!

Do you want to study in the heart of Germany, Europe’s strongest and most dynamic economy? Come to ESB Business School at Reutlingen University! We are located in Baden-Wuerttemberg - a prosperous region that is home to many global players e.g. in automotive or mechanical engineering. Our students have access to a network of renowned partner companies, giving our degree programmes real practical relevance. More than 100 partner universities all over the world, students from 80 nations on the ESB campus and international double degree programmes ensure the worldwide employability of our graduates. ESB Business School is part of public, state-funded Reutlingen University and offers a range of top-ranked programmes in business management and business engineering in German and/or English.

Bachelor programmes:

  • International Business (English)
  • International Management Double Degree (German, plus language of partner university)
  • International Operations and Logistics Management (mainly English, partly German)
  • Production Management (German and English 70:30)

Master programmes:

  • European Management Studies (German, French and English 40:40:20)
  • International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation (German and English 80:20)
  • International Business Development (German and English 70:30)
  • International Management (English)
  • Operations Management (German and English)
  • Digital Industrial Management and Engineering (German and English)
  • International Retail Management (German and English 80:20)
  • Strategic Sales Management – part time (German)
  • Consulting and Business Analytics – part time (German)

MBA programmes:

  • International Management full-time (English)
  • International Management part-time (German and English 70:30)
  • International Management for military officers and professionals (German and English)

For more information please visit www.esb-business-school.com or our social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.


Study in English - Live in Germany


Offenburg University’s Graduate School offers you the following English-taught Master’s Degree Programs:

Master of Science (MSc) in Biotechnology

Master of Science (MSc) in Communication and Media Engineering

Master of Science (MSc) in Power and Data Engineering

Master of Science (MSc) in Process Engineering


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance Risk and Insurance

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business Consulting

  • Application-oriented degree programs with excellent career opportunities
  • Small student-teacher ratio and hands-on instruction
  • Very well-equipped laboratories and facilities
  • Comprehensive, individual services for international students
  • Safe and friendly environment with easy access to Europe's tourist attractions

For more information, please see our website: www.hs-offenburg.de/graduate-school

 Offenburg’s Graduate School -  The place to build your future


International Master program for Applied Computer Science

Study an International Master program of Applied Computer Science in the historic city of Schmalkalden in the center of Germany. Schmalkalden is a relaxed place and living is easy.

The International Master’s program in Applied Computer Science addresses the challenges of current technologies and provides the skills and the knowledge which are necessary for the design, the development and the operation of complex and distributed systems as they are common today. The Master’s program especially focuses on the following areas:
(1) Distributed and Mobile Systems,
(2) Knowledge Engineering and Data Science,
(3) Software Engineering and
(4) Communication Technologies and Security.
Students acquire expertise on these fields and advanced technologies like the internet of things or Artificial Intelligence.

The Master’s program enables students to find an excellent position in industrial software development or post-graduate research. Main characteristics and requirements for the program are:
(1) Two years program
(2) 120 Credit points (ECTS)
(3) Requires a Bachelor degree in computer science or related subject (programming abilities are required for participation)
(4) Taught in English (good knowledge of English required)

Application Deadline: June 15th, 2019 (see homepage for actual date): https://www.hs-schmalkalden.de/en/studying/programmes/master-degree-courses/applied-computer-science-msc.html

The University of Schmalkalden is building on a long tradition of scientific teaching and research. It is situated near the historic city of Schmalkalden in the center of Germany.


International Master’s programs at Hof University: Software Engineering, Operational Excellence,

General Management, International Human Resource Management


Hof Master

International Master’s programs at Hof University of Applied Sciences:

Hands-on, innovative, career-oriented

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: English

Target groups: graduates with first degrees in relevant fields and one year of work experience

Start: October / March

Application deadline: May 31rst / November 30th  

 Our practice-oriented, interdisciplinary degree programs prepare you for a leading position in overseas branches of German companies or German branches of foreign companies.  

 Operational Excellence (M.Eng and MBA) provides you with a holistic understanding of a supply chain. We discuss how international supply chains should be managed, how to meet the customer’s quality demands and how to make production more efficient.

 General Management (MBA) is focused on developing your knowledge and skills in leadership, strategy development, development of new business models and their implementation through change and project management.

 Software Engineering for Industrial Applications (M.Eng) trains you for complex management and engineering tasks in software development for industrial applications, ranging from low-level control of production processes to high-level management and logistic tasks.

 International Human Resource Management (MBA) educates future managers in the field of
human resources with a special focus on international companies and organizations.






"The Esslingen MBA is an optimal complement to my academic background as a mechanical engineer."

-Bryan Morehouse, MBA 2015, Customer Solution Business Development Specialist

"The alumni network and the close link with the companies in the Neckar Valley provided many valuable insights into the newest developments."

-Fiona van Petegem, MBA 2016, Project Engineer


Our MBA is designed for bachelor graduates from STEM subjects with management ambitions. It enhances your technical skills with a wide range of managerial and cross-disciplinary knowledge from

  • operations & supply chain management,
  • marketing, strategy & leadership,
  • finance & business planning.

The close relationship of the Esslingen MBA to the industry enables you to apply the theory you learn in the classroom to real-life situations in industrial companies. Courses include lectures, workshops and team projects: hands-on learning activities include company visits and real case studies. In addition, you have the opportunity to specialize your choice of management area during your mandatory master's thesis in the industry. Personal coaching seminars assist you to hone your business etiquette.

Graduate School, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
Flandernstrasse 101, 73732 Esslingen, Germany



Coburg University, MBA Program Financial Management

MBA Financial Management/Coburg University of Applied Sciences

The degree syllabus comprises a general management curriculum and is the only English-taught international full-time MBA program in Germany with a dedicated focus on finance.

The program: If you are interested in general management and finance, have an entrepreneurial spirit, are globally-minded and ambitious, our MBA program Financial Management could be just right for you. The goal is to provide you with the set of skills ultimately required for a CFO position.

International focus: The program is internationally oriented and geared to the requirements of foreign students. The language of instruction is English. The academic program presents a unique opportunity to study in an outstanding, welcoming, cross-cultural learning environment.

Career perspectives: An internship at a German company is an integral part of the study program. The majority of graduates remain in Germany after completing their studies in Coburg, frequently working in their areas of specialization at large international corporations.

Bild2 Coburg

Study Program /Majors:

Financial Management, Management Accounting, Treasury and Business Strategy

Degree / Accreditation:

Master of Business Administration (MBA), FIBAA until 2022

Format / Credit Points:

Full-time (no part-time format available), 120 ECTS


4 Terms (including internship; 1 term = 15 weeks)

Program start:

Winter Term (October 1st)

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher degree)
  • Work experience of at least 2 years
  • Proficiency in English language
  • Selection interview

Language of Instruction:


Tuition Fees:

2.350 € per term


Coburg, Bavaria / Germany


Online, by August 15th (EU nationals); July 15th (non-EU nationals)

Kindly upload your application documents to

www.uni-assist.de for evaluation.

We cover uni-assist handling costs.

Your application is free of charge.

For more details, please visit our website www.coburg-university.de/mbafm or read our booklet

The International Graduate Center (IGC)

Find your MBA, Master or Double Degree at the International Graduate Center in Bremen, one of the oldest publicly funded graduate schools in Germany.

As part of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen the IGC offers 2 different Master programmes, 4 different MBA programmes, of which many include the option for a Double Degree, and one of it should match your interest:



For enquiries send an email to application@igc.hs-bremen.de



Imagine the future will be wonderful. And it's your chance...

Study in Magdeburg and Stendal at the University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Study at the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, Germany – where careers begin.

You can choose from around 50 study programs in Magdeburg and Stendal. Around 130 professors guarantee a very good staff-to-student contact ratio. We offer unique degree programs in Germany as well as application- and transfer-oriented research. Interdisciplinarity and practical appliance are an essential part of all courses and linked to our focus on expertise and employability.  

Choose your field of study among:

- Social Work, Health and Media;

- Engineering and Industrial Design;

- Water, Environment, Construction and Safety;

- Applied Human Sciences;

- Economics.

International students will be supported through various services, such as orientation sessions, German as a foreign language courses as well as student projects helping you to settle in.  Thinking about how to manage your money / how to afford your studies? There are no tuition fees in most programs – the semester fee in Stendal is 51€ and in Magdeburg 93€, which also includes the use of the local transit system.

Start your career here

Institut für Internationale Kommunikation (IIK) in Düsseldorf and Berlin
Düsseldorf and Berlin live 2018: Learn German – Discover Germany
German for Studying, Business, and Exams: Year-round and Summer Courses

About us:
The Institut für Internationale Kommunikation (IIK) in Düsseldorf and Berlin offers a high-quality language program at fair prices. As a non-profit organization IIK closely cooperates with universities in Germany and worldwide. Learn German for academic or professional purposes in international classes in the heart of Europe. Our course levels range from A1-C1 with 10 different language levels.

Up-to-date classroom technology with interactive whiteboards, digital course books, iPads and free & fast WiFi as well as our native-speaker instructors with academic qualifications and extensive teaching experience are your guarantee for a successful language course experience. We offer also an extensive social and cultural program for interesting insights into German culture and everyday life.

Düsseldorf, a modern city with highest quality of life:

The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia offers a combination of dynamic business, cosmopolitan flair, and high quality of life (Düsseldorf placed sixth of 231 cities worldwide, Mercer Quality of Living Ranking 2017). Our extensive leisure time program includes boat parties on the river Rhine and day trips to Brussels or Amsterdam.

Berlin, the cosmopolitan capital of Germany:

A language course in Berlin invites you to discover the world-renowned atmosphere of culture, fashion, clubbing, and creativity. Our berlinerID training center is located in the middle of Berlin. IIK berlinerID is ranked in top 10 of Berlin language schools at mydestinationberlin.com 


We provide different types of accommodation like student residences, apartments and also homestay in both cities.

Studying in Germany:

Special advisory service at home and at IIK

  • Equivalence check of your qualifications
  • Road map from pre-studies including language course to your degree in Germany
  • Study application support including document check and personal student advisor
  • Comprehensive pre-study programs individually adjusted

More information available on our websites, also in other languages.

Link Düsseldorf: http://www.iik-deutschland.de/deutschkurse/deutschkurse.php?lang=en

Link Berlin: http://www.berlinerid.de/en/


Apply for LL.M. International Finance (for Asian Graduates) at the Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main now!

Key facts

  • LL.M. International Finance Degree is conferred by Goethe University Frankfurt
  • For graduates holding a first degree in law, business or economics
  • Program language is English
  • From October to July the following year

Why study at ILF, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main?

  • Interdisciplinary curriculum with excellent law and business / finance courses
  • Top lecturers consisting of leading professors from Goethe University and experts from the professional world
  • Located in Frankfurt, the financial center of continental Europe
  • Increased interaction with ILF international students via combined courses with them
  • German and Advanced Business and Legal English language courses
  • Exclusive and intensive intercultural and communications courses
  • Organized student excursions (e.g. Basketball Game, Berlin, ECB,  Germany Stock Exchange)

Tuition fees

€ 16,000, Scholarships of €1,600 will be granted if applications received by 28 February each year


Application deadline

  • 15 May each year: Countries where APS certificates are required (i.e. China, Mongolia and Vietnam)
  • 1 July each year: All other Asian Countries

For more information, see www.ilf-frankfurt.de/LLM-International-Finance or contact LLMint@ilf.uni-frankfurt.de


Interested in the International Master in Project Management & Data Science at the HTW Berlin? Learn more at http://mpmd.htw-berlin.de

The English-language International Master in Project Management & Data Science at the HTW Berlin is your opportunity to gain the skills needed to manage international projects and independently solve organizational and analytical issues. The HTW Berlin is based in one of the most interesting cities in the world.