Учеба в Германии


Предложения университетов Германии

Англоязычные бесплатные программы в университете прикладных наук Вюрцбург-Швайнфурт (FHWS i-Campus)

Немецкий государственный университет – университет прикладных наук Вюрцбург-Швайнфурт (FHWS i-Campus) приглашает на учебу по следующим бесплатным англоязычным программам:

Подача документов происходит полностью онлайн и без Uni Assist в период с 1.05 по 15.07.2018. Начало учебы: 01.10.18

Преимущества обучения в FHWS i-Campus:

  • Бесплатная учеба (оплачивается федеральной землей Бавария)
  • Обучение полностью на английском языке
  • Курсы немецкого языка при университете
  • Возможность перейти на обучение на немецком языке с 4го семестра
  • Русскоязычная поддержка при поступлении
  • Адаптационная программа перед началом учёбы
  • Тесное сотрудничество с фирмами во время учёбы
  • Обучение в международной среде со студентами из более 30 стран
  • Степень бакалавра за 3,5 года
  • Дипломы, признанные во всем мире
  • Отличные шансы на трудоустройство в Германии и за границей

Подробная информация

Подробная информация на официальном сайте: www.international.fhws.de доступна на английском, немецком и русском языках!

На Ваши вопросы ответит русскоязычный менеджер по Восточной Европе - Наталия Куделя: nataliya.kudelya@fhws.de; Тел. +49 931 3511 8557, Viber: +491742710465;
Группа ВК: fhwsicampus;  группа FB: studentsFHWS


"The Esslingen MBA is an optimal complement to my academic background as a mechanical engineer."

-Bryan Morehouse, MBA 2015, Customer Solution Business Development Specialist

"The alumni network and the close link with the companies in the Neckar Valley provided many valuable insights into the newest developments."

-Fiona van Petegem, MBA 2016, Project Engineer


Our MBA is designed for bachelor graduates from STEM subjects with management ambitions. It enhances your technical skills with a wide range of managerial and cross-disciplinary knowledge from

  • operations & supply chain management,
  • marketing, strategy & leadership,
  • finance & business planning.

The close relationship of the Esslingen MBA to the industry enables you to apply the theory you learn in the classroom to real-life situations in industrial companies. Courses include lectures, workshops and team projects: hands-on learning activities include company visits and real case studies. In addition, you have the opportunity to specialize your choice of management area during your mandatory master's thesis in the industry. Personal coaching seminars assist you to hone your business etiquette.

Graduate School, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
Flandernstrasse 101, 73732 Esslingen, Germany


International Master’s programs at Hof University:

Hands-on, interactive, career-oriented

Fields of studies: Business, Engineering and IT

Duration: 2 yearsAbstand

Language of instruction: English (except International Human Resource Management)

Target groups: graduates with first degrees in relevant fields and one year of work experience

Start: October / March

Application deadline: May 31rst / November 30th  

Our practice-oriented, interdisciplinary degree programs prepare you for a leading position in overseas branches of German companies or German branches of foreign companies.  

Operational Excellence (M.Eng and MBA) provides you with a holistic understanding of a supply chain. We discuss how international supply chains should be managed, how to meet the customer’s quality demands and how to make production more efficient.

General Management (MBA) is focused on developing your knowledge and skills in leadership, strategy development, development of new business models and their implementation through change and project management.

Software Engineering for Industrial Applications (M.Eng) trains you for complex management and engineering tasks in software development for industrial applications, ranging from low-level control of production processes to high-level management and logistic tasks.

International Human Resource Management (MBA) is German-taught and ideal for graduates of German studies who would like to develop their future career paths in a company.

Find out more:


Imagine the future will be wonderful. And it's your chance...

Study in Magdeburg and Stendal at the University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Interested students can choose from around 50 study programs in Magdeburg and Stendal. Around 130 professors guarantee a very good staff-to-student contact ratio.

We offer unique degree programs in Germany as well as application- and transfer-oriented research.

Choose your field of study among:

- Social Work, Health and Media

- Engineering and Industrial Design

- Water, Environment, Construction and Safety

- Applied Human Sciences

- Economics

Interdisciplinarity and practical relevance (e.g. internships) are an integral part of all courses and linked to our focus of applied sciences and Employability.

The range of courses includes campus-based as well as distance learning and continuing education programs.

Start your career at http://bit.ly/h2_17


Goethe Goes Global – Master scholarships 

Goethe University offers a Master scholarship programme, funded by the Johanna-Quandt-Foundation Frankfurt. We are seeking outstanding candidates who are interested in joining one of our MA or MSc programmes and have a passion for research.

Goethe University aims to provide our scholarship holders with:

  • A monthly stipend of 1,000 € for the standard period of study in a Master programme at Goethe-University (mostly 2 years)
  • Excellent academic supervision by professors and academic staff who work in the most distinguished research units of the university
  • The option to write your Master thesis in the respective research unit
  • Support and orientation by an experienced Master student buddy
  • Access to seminars focusing on professional skills at our Graduate Academy GRADE
  • Innovative research environment and networks to fellow scholarship holders and other advanced researchers
  • Career support through Goethe University’s Research Support Office
  • Insight and involvement in the activities of multidisciplinary research groups at Goethe University

You can apply now! Please visit our website www.uni-frankfurt.de/masterstip for more information on relevant master degree programmes, requirements and application procedures.

We are looking forward to your application!  


Goethe Goes Global Master scholarship program



The International Graduate Center (IGC)

Find your MBA, Master or Double Degree at the International Graduate Center in Bremen, one of the oldest publicly funded graduate schools in Germany.

As part of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen the IGC offers 2 different Master programmes, 4 different MBA programmes, of which many include the option for a Double Degree, and one of it should match your interest:



For enquiries call +49-421-5905-4133 or send an email to info@graduatecenter.de.


Apply for LL.M. International Finance (for Asian Graduates) at the Institute for Law and Finance, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main now!

Key facts

  • LL.M. International Finance Degree is conferred by Goethe University Frankfurt
  • For graduates holding a first degree in law, business or economics
  • Program language is English
  • From October to July the following year

Why study at ILF, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main?

  • Interdisciplinary curriculum with excellent law and business / finance courses
  • Top lecturers consisting of leading professors from Goethe University and experts from the professional world
  • Located in Frankfurt, the financial center of continental Europe
  • Increased interaction with ILF international students via combined courses with them
  • German and Advanced Business and Legal English language courses
  • Exclusive and intensive intercultural and communications courses
  • Organized student excursions (e.g. Basketball Game, Berlin, ECB,  Germany Stock Exchange)

Tuition fees

€ 16,000, Scholarships of €1,600 will be granted if applications received by 28 February each year


Application deadline

  • 15 May each year: Countries where APS certificates are required (i.e. China, Mongolia and Vietnam)
  • 1 July each year: All other Asian Countries

For more information, see www.ilf-frankfurt.de/LLM-International-Finance or contact LLMint@ilf.uni-frankfurt.de

Become an environmental expert, shape the web or get a grip on complexity at the University of Koblenz-Landau!

 M. Sc. in Ecotoxicology

Learn how to analyze and solve complex problems related to the chemical pollution of ecosystems

M. Sc. in Environmental Sciences

Study interactions of natural and human systems from genes to landscapes to tackle the environmental crisis

M. Sc. in Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems

Develop, analyze, simulate and optimize models for complex systems from science, technology and society

M. Sc. in Web Science

Build upon your IT skills and study how to understand, analyze and shape the Web and its development

Also check out our latest international study program!

M.Sc. in Chemistry and Physics of Functional Materials         

More information about our master’s programs taught in English can be found here…


Why Study at the University of Koblenz-Landau?

  • Degree programs with a future and good job opportunities
  • No tuition fees (since German universities are funded heavily by the state)
  • Excellence in research and teaching through international, collaborative research projects
  • Programs taught completely in English
  • Strong focus on interdisciplinarity and an application-oriented approach
  • Very good student-teaching staff ratio and individual support
  • A beautiful region with a mild climate and a diverse landscape

Contact us now for more information about applying for 2017!

Welcome Center of the University of Koblenz-Landau

Email: welcome@uni-koblenz-landau.de


Institut für Internationale Kommunikation (IIK) in Düsseldorf and Berlin

Düsseldorf und Berlin live 2017:  Deutsch lernen und Deutschland entdecken                                                                                                

Ganzjährige Deutschkurse für Studium und Beruf, Prüfungen und Sommerkurse 


Über uns:
Das Institut für Internationale Kommunikation bietet in seinen Trainingszentren in Düsseldorf und Berlin mitten im Herzen Europas qualitativ hochwertige Sprachprogramme zu fairen Konditionen an. Sprachkursteilnehmer lernen Deutsch für das Studium oder den Beruf in internationalen Klassen auf zehn verschiedenen Niveaustufen von A1 – C1. Modernste Unterrichtstechnik mit interaktiven Whiteboards, digitalen Kursbüchern, iPads + leistungsstarkem und kostenlosem W-Lan sowie muttersprachliche Lehrkräfte mit akademischer Ausbildung und umfangreicher Unterrichtserfahrung bilden die Grundlage für einen erfolgreichen Sprachkursaufenthalt. Ein umfangreiches kulturelles und soziales Freizeitangebot bietet umfassende Einblicke in die deutsche Kultur und Lebenswirklichkeit.


Düsseldorf, die Stadt mit besonders hoher Lebensqualität in Deutschland:

die Landeshauptstadt Nordrhein-Westfalens bietet eine Kombination aus wirtschaftlicher Dynamik, kosmopolitischem Flair und hoher Lebensqualität (Platz 6 unter weltweit 223 Städten, Mercer Quality of Living Ranking 2016). Das große Freizeitprogramm umfasst  u. a. Schiffspartys auf dem Rhein und Tageausflüge nach Brüssel oder Amsterdam.

Berlin, die kosmopolitische Metropole:

noch mehr Hauptstadtfeeling garantiert ein Sprachkurs in Berlin mit einzigartiger Kultur, Fashion, angesagten Clubs und Kreativität. Unser Trainingszentrum berlinerID liegt verkehrsgünstig in der Berliner Mitte. Das IIK berlinerID gehört zu den Top10-Sprachschulen Berlins auf mydestinationberlin.com.


In beiden Städten vermitteln wir Unterkünfte in studentischen Wohngemeinschaften, in Apartments oder auch in Gastfamilien.

Studieren in Deutschland:

Spezieller Studienberatungsservice in Ihrem Heimatland und am IIK

- Überprüfung Ihrer Qualifikationen und Zeugnisse nach deutschen Standards

- Persönlicher Fahrplan für ihr angestrebtes Studienziel inkl. Sprachkurs

- Hilfe beim Bewerbungsverfahren an Universitäten mit persönlichem Tutor

- Spezielles Komplettangebot mit Beratung und Hilfen zugeschnitten auf ihre Bedürfnisse

Mehr Informationen auch in anderen Sprachen finden Sie auf unseren Webseiten.

Link Düsseldorf: http://www.iik-deutschland.de/deutschkurse/

Link Berlin: http://www.berlinerid.de/

The Berlin School of Economics and Law 

Master Studies in Berlin - Developing Leadership Competence … Together!

As Europe's most vibrant metropolis, Berlin is a dynamic and inspiring place to live and study. The Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) is not only one of Germany’s largest Universities of Applied Sciences but also a pioneer in launching the MBA degree in Germany. Since 1992 more than 1.600 MBA students have successfully graduated from the HWR Berlin. From our very first MBA courses, we have maintained a reputation for innovation and excellence. Meanwhile, we offer a variety of international master’s programs, which are all accredited. 

Berlin MBA - Master of Business Administration

-        15-month full-time programme, start in September

-        Taught in English

-        For graduates with a minimum of 3 years of postgraduate work experience

-        Strong focus on leadership skills

-        Pathways: European Management, European-Asian Management, Transatlantic Management

-        Study visits to Asia, USA, Europe

-        Career development service

-        Tuition fee: € 17.800

Master International Business Management

-        Internationally recognised postgraduate degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

-        15-month full-time programme, start in September

-        Taught in English

-        For prospective students with an undergraduate degree and 1 year of work experience

-        Study visit to Kingston Business School in London

-        Opportunity to spend a semester studying abroad at one of our partner universities

-        Tuition Fee: € 12.900

Master Chinese-European Economics and Business Studies

-        Benefit from the international experiences in both study places: Berlin and Chengdu

-        Full-time 4-terms study programme, start in October

-        Taught in English

-        Double degree available on request

-        Tuition Fee: 9.800 €

For more information see: www.mba-berlin.de


Study in English - Live in Germany


International MSc and MBA Programs at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences (Offenburg/Germany):

Master of Science (MSc) in Communication and Media Engineering

Master of Science (MSc) in Energy Conversion and Management

Master of Science (MSc) in Process Engineering

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business Consulting

For more information, please see our website: www.hs-offenburg.de/graduate-school

Technische Universität Berlin Campus El Gouna

German Master’s degrees in “Energy Engineering”“Urban Development” and “Water Engineering”, as well as “IT for Energy” and “Business Engineering – Energy” (coming soon) at Technische Universität Berlin Campus El Gouna, Egypt

All two-year programs comprise 120 Credit Points (ECTS) and are taught in English. Students graduate with a full Master’s degree by Technische Universität Berlin. Next to their study time in El Gouna, they spend up to one year at TU Berlin’s mother campus in Germany.

Deadline for application:             31 May 2016

For more information, please visit:  

www.campus-elgouna.tu-berlin.de and here

Follow us on www.facebook.com/CampusElGouna

Bild FU Berlin LLM 03/16                                    

Изучай немецкое право в Москве!

LLM - программа «Хозяйственное частное и хозяйстfвенно-административное право Германии и ЕС»

  • Содержание курса: систематический обзор правовой системы Германии с особым вниманием к правовому регулированию хозяйственной деятельности
  • Требования к участникам: диплом об окончании высшего образования, предпочтительно – юридического, стаж работы по специальности, знание немецкого языка
  • Период обучения: Один год (или два года с меньшим количеством нагрузки), начиная с августа 2016
  • Место: МГИМО (Москва) и Freie Universität Berlin (Берлин)
  • Язык курса: немецкий
  • Cрок для подачи заявок: 31 мая 2016 г.
  • Плата за обучение: 7 994 евро за два семестра (годичная программа)
  • Присуждаемая квалификация: Magister legum (LL.M.) Freie Universität Berlin и свидетельство о повышении квалификации МГИМО
  • Скидки и стипендии:
    • Транспортные расходы и часть расходов за проживание и питание во время вводного курса в Берлине берёт на себя принимающая сторона!
    • До четырех стипендий для сбора материалов и стажировки в Германии
    • До четырёх стипендий для общей программы обучения: скидка по плате за обучение (2500€ за год) и ежемесячная стипендия (900€ за месяц)

Дополнительную информацию Вы можете найти здесь


Interested in the International Master in Project Management & Data Science at the HTW Berlin? Learn more at http://mpmd.htw-berlin.de

The English-language International Master in Project Management & Data Science at the HTW Berlin is your opportunity to gain the skills needed to manage international projects and independently solve organizational and analytical issues. The HTW Berlin is based in one of the most interesting cities in the world. 

Jacobs University Logo                   Foundationyear

Подготовительная программа The Foundation Year расчитана на два семестра и дает студентам возможность попробовать себя в разных дисциплинах, а также приобрести необходимые академические навыки перед тем, как начать обучение по выбранной специализации.

  • Проведи свой год в студенческом городке в Германии, вместе со студентами из более чем 100 стран мира;
  • Подготовься к университету, усовершенствуй свои академические навыки, и узнай больше о разных специализациях;
  • Отточи до совершенства свой английский и повысь уровень своей математической подготовки;
  • Выбери интересные тебе курсы из широкого набора академических дисциплин - таких, как экономика и менеджмент, социальные науки и история, естественные и технические науки
  • Накопи до 40 переводных баллов (ECTS credit) по общеевропейской системе перевода и накопления баллов

The Foundation Year at Jacobs University Bremen allows German and international students to attain the necessary credentials for admission to Jacobs University and other English-language universities. The program is tailored to students’ specific individual academic interests, and offers orientation possibilities in engineering, computer science, the natural sciences, social sciences, economics and management. Students can, based on their own preferences, take preparatory courses in Academic English, mathematics, science and technology. Foundation Year students may also select regular undergraduate classes and earn up to 40 transferable ECTS credits. The language of instruction is English. With students from over 100 nations on campus, interculturality is an integral component of living and learning at Jacobs University. Room and board are provided on campus. 

The Foundation Year program runs over two semesters. The cost for the program is €11,500 per semester and includes tuition, room and board. The rolling admission process opens every year on September 15 for Fall entry in the following year and ends on August 1 four weeks prior to the start of the program.  International students who require a visa are encouraged to apply by June 15.

For more information about the program, application process and tuition fees please visit:

www.jacobs-university.de/foundation-year or contact the Foundation Year Office at:

e-mail: foundationyear@jacobs-university.de 

Phone: 0049-421-200 4313